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My Christmas list

This is my Christmas list for anyone who wants to buy me a present. 

- XBox 360
- Lego Star Wars 8083Trooper Battle pack 
- Lego Star Wars 7258 Wookie Attack
- Tintin books (Lake of Sharks, Tintin in the Land of the Soviets, Tintin in the Congo, The Broken Ear, The Crab with the Golden Claws, Cigars of the Pharaoh, The Castafiore Emerald)
- LEGO Star Wars Hoth Wampa Cave
- LEGO Star Wars Echo Base
- Halo3 for the XBox
- Zac Powers books
- Diary of a Wimpy kid books
- Nerf Gun Nstrike Recon CS6
- Nerf Gun Long Shot CS6
- Bike helmet
- Megablocks Halo figures

Hi guys.

I have been having a lot of fun lately with my Lego Star Wars and I have made the base for ATTACK OF ENDOR.

This is what is happing. Han Solo, Chewbacer , R2-D2 and Leia are trying to get in but are trapped. Ewoks are doing their best but are getting tired. Finally R2-D2 unlocks the door and they take over the base. 

Click here for pics

What’s up? I’ll tell you what’s up.

I got an awesome toy that I am very proud of.

It’s Star Wars Lego.


Look at my pictures.

Book Week fancy dress

I went to the fancy dress as Biggles. He was in books as a an RAF pilot in the first and second world wars. In the first world war he flew a Sopwith Camel, so my Dad and I (well mostly my Dad) built a Sopwith Camel out of cardboard.

Most of the classes thought it was cool. Even better, they took a picture of me wearing it for the newspaper.

Hi checkout my new game. It is called Blob Run. I drew the background and blocks in all 4 levels.

Watch out for the BLOBS!!!  

It was my birthday recently and I have got lots of awesome presents and cards.

Thank you to everyone.

See some pics.

Titanic exhibition

Dad and I went to the museum in the holidays. We went to the aboriginal exhibition where we watched a video about the aborigines. We learnt a lot about them.

Then we went on to an exhibition about the Titanic. We got a ticket to go on the ship and my name was M. Paul Romaine Chervé and I was a sculptor. It was cool. No, I mean it was cool! They had a real iceberg in the room! Then, at the end of it you got to see if you survived. I was on one of the first lifeboats and survived, but Dad, and his two brothers died.

See ya - Tiger                                                                                                     

Hey guys. I have joined a new rugby club called the Rams. We had our first game on this weekend. It was a great match and the score was 5-2 to us. It’s nice to play the game again.

We’re the team in white and black and I’m playing with the number 7.

Click on the photo above to see more photos of the game.

In the weekend we meet up with Annan-Coe family and we went to the zoo. It had pretty cool animals. My favourite animal was the Tasmanian devil.

Then we went to an amazing maze and we got lost lots of times. After that we went to play frisbee golf. I lost. Then we played mini golf and although I got a hole in one I still lost. Then, to make my day I Iost at draughts. It was just one of those days.  

Click the photo for more pics.

This is my new school its much bigger then milford, but they have a tiny pool. I have bin pick for the cross country team.  It’s sad we go from 8.30 in the morning until 3.30 in the afternoon though, that’s nearly an hour longer at school every day!

Click the photo above to see more photos.

Aussie Rules

In Melbourne footy means Aussie Rules so when I say footy I mine Aussie Rules, ok. Anyway this is me playing footy I’m ok at it but I need some practice.

My new home

Hi guys, this is were I live. It’s an apartment in Brighton. It’s pretty small but it’s ok. Have a look at the pictures.

I have no toys so I am making stuff out of cardboard. I do have some new WarHammer figures though. Tau, Space Marines and Orks.

Orks face off against the Space Marines

Hey, wassup? This is my new blog in Australia

Harry Tiger McNamara, now in Melbourne

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